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I played with mruby today and it is an amazingly cool project. I look forward to making games with it, like Löve2D but with more love ^_^

I wonder if the Teensy 3.0 or Arduino Due maybe able to run mruby in the future? They are arm devices, but have extremely limited resources: Due has 512kb of program memory, while Teensy has 128kb. Due has 96kb of sram while teensy has 16kb.

I'd be surprised if mruby would run well on the teensy, particularly with it's very limited ram, but the arduino due seems almost plausible?

What do people think? Is this something to get a bit excited over?

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We managed to port mruby to a PIC32 with 512kb flash and 128kb ram (https://github.com/mruby/mruby/blob/master/examples/targets/chipKitMax32.rb). So the arduino due is reachable but nobody still tried. The Teensy is total out of question that it will ever work without some groundbreaking changes in mruby core itself.

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Awesome work! I'm totally blown away. <3 –  blixxy Mar 13 '13 at 7:13
I had now a closer look at the Arduino Due and I managed to port mruby to it too. Have a look here: mruby.sh/201303161453.html –  Daniel Bovensiepen Mar 16 '13 at 15:23

Probably. mruby is intended to be minimalistic. The goal, as I understood it, is to make it applicable in most places Lua is. Keep in mind that mruby is still in it's pre-infancy though.

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