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As per instructions at Jclouds website, I downloaded the Lein BAT file, and also downloaded Curl to the same folder. I am working on a Windows 8 x64 PC.

Now I created a file named "project.clj" within the folder containing lein and curl.

After that, I ran the following command--

lein deps

However, all this does is create a file within following path (within the folder containing Lein and curl)--


The file named "dependencies" contains the following text--

  ([:dependencies [[org.jclouds/jclouds-all "1.5.3"] [org.jclouds.driver/jclouds-sshj "1.5.3"]]])

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here... How do I download all of the jclouds files correctly?

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sorry, this was updated with lein 2. jclouds.apache.org doc is now corrected.

After creating project.clj...

Execute lein pom, then mvn dependency:copy-dependencies which will fill target/dependency with all the jclouds jars.
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