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When I install "web tools platform" plugins in Eclipse I have a new type of project I can create, called "dynamic web project". In such project I can add JSF facet and then use it to make JSF application. But when I install "jboss tools" plugins I have a project type called just "JSF project". What's the difference between both types of projects? Why have jboss tools people created their own type of JSF project?

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Eclipse plugins are created to achieve some commonly used/desired configurations at much ease. As you said, you can create a Dynamic Web Prject and then perform couple of steps to convert/support JSF. JSF project is created with those required configuration already done for you.

Same example you can apply even between, a simple project(created though New -> General->Project option) and Dynamic Web Project i.e. you may create a simple project, create files/folders, update the class path etc manually and achieve the same which is directly available through Dynamic Web Project option. These plug-ins/options help you avoid several manual steps to reach a commonly desired functionality. JSF project is no exception.

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