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I have these functions below where I am placing the letter "b" at a certain location within a matrix. (I'm making minesweeper and these "b" represents where the bomb is located in the matrix). I must put 'z' bombs into the function, but where the bombs are placed cannot occur more than once. I know how to place them inside the function, but finding if they are repeating is what I can't figure out

from random import*

mat1 = []
mat2 = []
def makemat(x):
    for y in range(x):
        list1 = []
        list2 = []
        for z in range(x):

def printmat(mat):
    for a in range(len(mat)):
        for b in range(len(mat)):
            print(str(mat[a][b]) + "\t",end="")  

def addmines(z):
    for a in range(z):
        x = randrange(0,len(mat1))
        y = randrange(0,len(mat1))   
        mat1[y][x] = "b"            


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This is a fair question, but you should describe your problem in the actual body of the question, not just the title (I think this is why you are being down-voted). –  Brian L Nov 15 '12 at 3:34
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Perhaps I don't understand the question, but why not just check whether "b" is already there?

def addmines(z):
for a in range(z):
    x = randrange(0,len(mat1))
    y = randrange(0,len(mat1))
    if mat1[y][x] == "b":
        mat1[y][x] = "b"
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If the grid is completely filled with mines, you'll get a RuntimeError because you recursed too far. –  Blender Nov 15 '12 at 3:18
Thank you, this is very close to what I am looking for. But when doing it, it reprints the matrix over and over until finally mat[y][x] != "b" –  DHulse94 Nov 15 '12 at 4:23
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What you're trying to do is sample without replacement. Try using random.sample

import random


def addmines(countMines):
    countRows = len(mat1)
    countCols = len(mat1[0])
    countCells = countRows * countCols

    indices = random.sample(range(countCells), countMines)

    rowColIndices = [(i // countRows, i % countRows) for i in indices]

    for rowIndex, colIndex in rowColIndices:
        mat1[rowIndex][colIndex] = 'b'
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