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What is the basic way to keep models any views in order using Backbone? I have some idea but it's not totally clear.

I want to keep them in order by a field called "created_at". I know there is the ability to provier a comparator function in the collection but I'm not sure how it works.

I also want this order in the collection to be reflected by the views at all times (in a list). I'm not exactly sure where I tie into the model though. I'm guessing i look for change in an index attribute and then update a to match?

Thanks very much for any help or explanation!

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See this SO answer. –  Matthew Blancarte Nov 15 '12 at 3:22

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When you define your collection, you also define comparators. I did it this way recently:

        comparators: {
            id: function(animal) {
              return Number(animal.get("id"));

            d_id: function(animal) {
              return -Number(animal.get("id")); // descending

            name: function(animal) {
              return animal.get("name");

            d_name: function(animal) {
              return String.fromCharCode.apply(String, _.map(animal.get("name").split(""), function (c) {
                    return 0xffff - c.charCodeAt();

these I defined within my collection code.

Then, in rendering my collection views, I just did this (this was within my view that renders the whole collection, in initialize():

this.collection = new MyCollection();
this.collection.comparator = Collection.comparators[// here I put 'id' or 'd_id' etc. ];

Since this code is in your views's initialize, you can define your comparator when you initialize your view, and pass it a name of a comparator like this:

var directory = new pageView("d_id");

and than thru initialize(comparator_id) you could pass this to your code in initialize:

this.collection = new MyCollection();
this.collection.comparator = Collection.comparators[comparator_id];

And then I can use the collection in rendering and re-rendering the view/page


Here is Backbone's collection.comparator documentation, And right below it is an explanation of sort()

Basically, comparator can be a property of a model or a function that returns a property, Or a negative property, if it's numeric, for descending order, or a string or its reverse value for descending order like in the example I gave you here.

So, comparator returns a property like "id" or "name", or "-id" , "-name" etc etc. (for string you can't just make it "negative", you need to apply more complex function, as I wrote.)

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To toninoj: I did the similiar thing in my code, and it works fine normally, but for latest chrome, If I refresh the list twice in a short time, the result will be reversed as my comparator. not sure it's designed like this or bugs. –  user3055892 Dec 6 '13 at 9:17

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