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I hear that UnityScript is pretty close to JavaScript. Does UnityScript support the Object Literal syntax of JavaScript?


var x = {
    y: 12

Strangely, searching google for UnityScript "Object Literal" yields no useful results.

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UnityScript versus JavaScript have very different semantics.

Creating a new JavaScript file in Unity with this syntax will not compile.

#pragma strict

var x = {
    y: 12 // error: BCE0005

function Start () {
   Debug.Log (x.y); // error: BCE0019

This will give build errors:

NewBehaviourScript(4,5): BCE0005: unknown identifier: 'y'.
NewBehaviourScript(8,17): BCE0019: 'y' is not a member of 'Boo.Lang.Hash'.

However, you could implement a Hashtable:

#pragma strict

var x:Hashtable = new Hashtable();
x["y"] = 12;

function Start () {
   Debug.Log (x["y"]);
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