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I am running a query:

select course.course,, 
        students.rollno, as name, as tname, 
        attndata.studentid ,sum(attndata.obt) as obt
        sum(attndata.benefits) as ben , (sum(attndata.max)) as abc  
from  groups, students
        left join iars 
        left join str 
           on str.studentid=students.studentid
        left join course
           on course.c_id=students.course
        left join teachers
        join sgm 
           on sgm.studentid=students.studentid
        left join attndata 
           on attndata.studentid=students.studentid and
        left join sps 
           on sps.studentid=students.studentid and iars.paperid=sps.paperid
        left join semdef 
           on semdef.semesterid=str.semesterid 
        where students.course='1' 
           and students.status='regular' 
           and sps.paperid='5'
           and  iars.courseid=students.course 
           and iars.semester=str.semesterid 
           and semdef.month=9
           and iars.paperid='5'
           and str.semesterid='1'
           and str.sessionid='12'
        group by sps.studentid,
        order by

In this query whenever I am having left join on, I am getting zero result when the value of but I want all the results, irrespective of semdef, but I want to use it. As in it should fetch result, if the values are null. Can you please help it out.

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It's probably because your where clause is saying

and semdef.month=9

and you probably want

and (semdef.month=9 OR IS NULL)

or something similar.

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Okay, if i have some value as null, how can i show them as zero from the query itself? – I Perfect Nov 15 '12 at 4:34
try "ISNULL(yourfield,0)" instead of just "yourfield" – MikeSmithDev Nov 16 '12 at 2:50

It's because your where clause has statements relating to the semdef table. Add these to the join clause as putting these in the where is implying an inner join.


Left join semdef on xxx and = attndata.min
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