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I'm trying to modify some existing code to return the value from 'title' from an API call. Was wondering if its possible?

Example API Url: http://domain.com/rest/getSong.view?u=username&p=password&v=1.8.0&id=11452

The above URL returns:

<domain-response xmlns="http://domain.org/restapi" status="ok" version="1.8.0">
<song id="11452" parent="11044" title="The Title" album="The Album"/>

Now is there a way to use python to get the 'title' value if I know the id?

Example of current code using the REST API in a file called domain.py

def get_playlist(self, playlist_id):
    Addon.log('get_playlist: ' + playlist_id)
    payload = self.__get_json('getPlaylist.view', {'id': playlist_id})
    if payload:
        songs = self.listify(payload['playlist']['entry'])

Rest of referenced code from another file called default.py

elif Addon.plugin_queries['mode'] == 'playlist': 
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As your response is in XML format, the intuitive way to use an XML parser. Here's how to use lxml to parse your response and get the title of song with ID 11452:

from lxml import etree

s = """<domain-response xmlns="http://domain.org/restapi" status="ok" version="1.8.0">
<song id="11452" parent="11044" title="The Title" album="The Album"/>

tree = etree.fromstring(s)
song = tree.xpath("//ns:song[@id=\'11452\']",namespaces={'ns':'http://domain.org/restapi'})
print song[0].get('title')

It's worth mentioning that there's also a dirty way to get the title if you don't care about the rest content by using regular expression:

import re
print re.compile("song id=\"11452\".*?title=\"(.*?)\"").search(s).group(1)
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regex isn't likely to work even in this simple case since there's no guarantee, that id comes before title. –  bereal Nov 15 '12 at 6:00
@bereal: yes, that's why I said it's a dirty way. I personally use those kinds of scripts for my quick tasks, just run once and never use them back. –  Huy Phan Nov 15 '12 at 8:47
I should have mentioned that the song id will not always bee 11452, it will always change, so is there a way to ignor the song id and just get the title? –  nutt318 Nov 15 '12 at 16:08
Then just don't put the id in the xpath: song = tree.xpath("//ns:song",namespaces={'ns':'http://domain.org/restapi'}) –  Huy Phan Nov 16 '12 at 3:24

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