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I'm trying to set a mock expectation in a test in Scala. The mock is on the Hibernate Query object. It has the method:

List list() throws HibernateException;

The List is not parameterised.

When I try to mock this I can't get the types right. E.g.

when(query.list).thenReturn(new ArrayList)
when(query.list).thenReturn(new ArrayList[Any])
// and other variations


overloaded method value thenReturn with alternatives: 
(java.util.List[?0],<repeated...>[java.util.List[?0]])org.mockito.stubbing.OngoingStubbing[java.util.List[?0]] <and> 
cannot be applied to (java.util.ArrayList[java.lang.Object])

What should my Scala mock expectation look like?

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From memory you should write: when(query.list.asInstanceOf[ArrayList[Any]]).thenReturn(new ArrayList[Any]) but I can't check it right now so I'm not proposing this as an answer. – Eric Nov 15 '12 at 4:45
It works. Propose away! – Synesso Nov 15 '12 at 4:57
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You can use an asInstanceOf cast and write:

when(query.list.asInstanceOf[ArrayList[Any]]).thenReturn(new ArrayList[Any])
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