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At this page:, there is no option to install WindowBuilder Pro to Eclipse Juno (4.2).

Is WindowBuilder Pro already installed with Eclipse Juno?

Also, is there a better free alternative to WindowBuilder Pro?

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UPDATE (year 2014)

As Sean Lynch noted in his answer WindowBuilder is included in Eclipse IDE for Java. Actually, it was already included there since version 3.7 (Eclipse Indigo), which was released in year 2011.

Note that currently, it is included by default only in the version for Java Developers, NOT in the version for Java EE Developers, which is the most downloaded and wanted version. So for the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers you still need to install it yourself.

Old answer

It is not installed by default in Eclipse.

The new WindowsBuilder Pro home page is here:
On that page, in the "Current Status" section on the right, it says (emphasis mine):

"Welcome to the new WindowBuilder homepage!"

How to install WindowBuilder in Eclipse.

1) Copy the correct link for your version of Eclipse from the Update Site column (Release Version) on the download page:

enter image description here

2) In the Eclipse main menu choose Help > Install new Software...

enter image description here

3) In the appeared window click Add... button:

enter image description here

4) In the appeared dialog box, in the Name field write some descriptive name (like "WindowBuilder Pro") and paste the correct link (see step 1) in the Location field. After that click the OK button:

enter image description here

5) Select all the checkboxes that are going to appear, then click Next button and install WindowBuilder:

enter image description here

Another way to add a link to the list of available Software Sites:
in the Eclipse main menu choose Window > Preferences, in the preferences window choose Install/Update > Available Software Sites, click Add... button and go on as described above.

As for the better alternative, well, seems like WindowBuilder Pro is the most preferred: Best GUI designer for Eclipse?

Hope this helps.

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WindowBuilder seems to be the best gui designer at the moment, since it can parse and work with any manually written code, it doesn't require any additional files(xmls etc). And it always tries to make the smallest change possible to the code.

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WindowBuilder is now included in Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

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+1. I updated my answer and referenced your post )) – informatik01 Mar 12 '14 at 20:37
Actually WindowBuilder is included Eclipse IDE for Java Developers since version 3.7 (Eclipse Indigo), which was released in year 2011. – informatik01 Aug 8 '14 at 21:40

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