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In Eclipse I can only run/debug my project by using one of the menu buttons. Pressing F11 or Ctrl-F11 does nothing. I've mapped Debug Last Launched to all kinds of various keyboard shortcuts to see if another program running in the background was intercepting the key presses and that doesn't seem to be the case. Every other keyboard shortcut seems to work fine such as Ctrl+Shift+T or Ctrl+G.

Any help? The shortcut key works on my other computer and I keep instinctively trying to press it and it's drastically slowing down my work efficiency.

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The only solution works for me ;

Open Key mappings (CTRL+SHIFT+L twice) Find the debugging shorcuts (F5,F6,F7...) and select

then change the When action value from "Debugging" to "In Window"

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I had the same issue with the Run to Line (Ctrl+R) shortcut and change the when statement from Debugging to Debugging Java. Thank you :) –  kon Jul 10 '13 at 12:35
Works for me too. I hate eclipse for bugs like that and for it's 101 perspectives, views, contexts etc. –  kajman Aug 13 '13 at 10:37
"In Window" might be a bit too generic, and for F5, it conflicts with the various refresh options. –  PhiLho Jul 9 at 12:54

Go to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys For each key that doesn't work: Set your binding to whatever you want. - I just copy the command then change "When" from "Debugging" to "Editing Java Source". good luck.

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Chose "Editing Text", to be language agnostic, but it works. –  PhiLho Jul 9 at 12:53

If you use the default key mappings, restoring defaults might work.

Window | Preferences | General | Keys (or Ctrl+Shift+L then L), then hit Restore Defaults and OK.

For custom mappings, I recommend this answer.

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Works only if you don't customize your keys... –  PhiLho Jul 9 at 12:53
That's correct. I changed the answer to reflect this info –  schnatterer Jul 9 at 13:24

Try F11. It worked for me. Im using Eclipse in ADT.

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