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I have structured hierarchy of different files and sub-files. I would like to convert it to block diagram.

Now question is - Does perl supports this type of idea directly or indirectly?

If you know any other solution/work-around please share it. Thanks in advance.

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What is a block diagram? –  squiguy Nov 15 '12 at 5:15

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You can look into GraphViz. Here is an introduction and CPAN link. And example code from some source I don't know:

use strict;
use warnings;
use IO::Dir;
use GraphViz;
use GraphViz::Small;
use GraphViz::No;

my $directory = './';

my $graph = GraphViz::No->new(directed => 0, layout => 'twopi');


sub walk {
  my($dir, $parent) = @_;
  $graph->add_node($dir) unless defined $parent;
  my $d = IO::Dir->new($dir);
  foreach my $file ($d->read) {
    next if $file =~ /^\./;
    if (-f $dir . $file) {
      $graph->add_node($dir . $file, label => $file);
      $graph->add_edge($dir => $dir . $file);
    } elsif (-d $dir . $file) {
      $graph->add_node($dir . $file . '/', label => $file . '/');
      $graph->add_edge($dir => $dir . $file . '/');
      walk($dir . $file . '/', $dir);

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