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I have implemented a function in a remote driver in libvirt.

I run the command like this:

virCommandPtr cmd = NULL;
   if (virCommandRun(cmd, NULL) < 0)
       goto cleanup;
  return 0;

When I execute this code snippet, it runs the touch command on the same host from which I call this function. It does not depend on the connection pointer.

I want to know how I can run a command on the host to which I establish a connection. Can anyone help me?

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I've edited your question a bit to fix some formatting and grammatical mistakes. I hope I haven't changed the meaning of what you were trying to ask; if so, feel free to re-edit. In particular, the title didn't appear to match the question; in the question, you asked about running a command remotely, but in the title, you said "locally". –  Brian Campbell Nov 15 '12 at 5:45

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