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i would to know how can i parse date and time which we choose from date time picker into standard date('YmdHis') type of results?

$datetime = date('YmdHis);

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eg date picker return result 11/13/2012 and time picker result is 2.30 AM, now i need to know how to joining them together and convert it to 20121113023000 format?

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echo date("YmdHis",strtotime('11/13/2012 2.30 AM'));


    $data = $_POST['date_picker']." ".$_POST['time_picker'];
    echo date("YmdHis",strtotime($data));

this will output that in required format


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This should work

 $datatime = date('YmdHis',strtotime($_POST['datepickerfield']));
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echo date("Y-m-d H:i:s",strtotime("11/13/2012 2.30 AM"));


2012-11-13 02:30:00
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