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I've inserted a blockquote tag (twitter quote) in my RTE. When saving, everything is ok in the database (....) but not in the frontend.

My tag

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet">...

is transform to

<blockquote style="margin-bottom:10;margin-top:0;">...

I used many TS config. The last I used is :

lib.parseFunc_RTE.externalBlocks.blockquote.callRecursive.tagStdWrap.HTMLparser.tags.blockquote.overrideAttribs >

but it didn't solve it.

Someone can help me please

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You could try this:

    RTE.config.tt_content.bodytext.proc.tags {
        blockquote.allowedAttribs = id, class, title, alt
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Add this in Page Setup:


or place your code beginning with lib.parseFunc_RTE. in Page Setup

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