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$variable = array(0);

$variable = array();

how are they different?

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total noob here...how do I do that? –  yretuta Sep 22 '09 at 1:06

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In the first case :

$variable = array(0);

You get :

  0 => int 0

ie, an array with an element whose value is 0.

And, in the second case :

$variable = array();

you get :


ie, an empty array.

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The first populates an array with a number 0, the latter is an empty array.

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Correct. And thus the first one has an element in it, while the second one does not (it is empty). –  dave Aug 27 '09 at 6:58

The first contains a single element, a integer zero. The parameter is not a "size initializer" as you might imagine. You can see this by using var_dump on them:

$foo = array(0);

$bar = array();

This outputs

array(1) {
array(0) {
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In addition to meder:

$variable = array(0);
count($variable); // 1
empty($variable); // false
(!$variable)  // false

$variable = array();
count($variable); // 0
empty($variable); // true
(!$variable)  // true
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