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Using System.IO.Packaging to generate a ZIP file

I have a controller where i create multiple PDF files.

What i need to do is, foreach pdf i create in my controller, add it to a zip archive which is temporarily stored in memory(as i cannot use local resources), and then offer the zip archive as a download in my browser (asp page).

How can this be achieved?

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SharpZipLib is an "okay" Zipping library in .NET, and have solved my requirements more than once. Take a look at it.

I have used it for in memory archive multiple times. In one requirement I was to change bookmarks in a word file, and as Word files are Zip files, I opened it in memory, changed what I needed to change, put it back into the in-memory zip file, and let the user download it.

Use MemoryStream for in memory storage of files.

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