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The regular expression is (\\w+).*>(.{23}) ([^\\[]+)\\[([^\\]]+)]: (.+)

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(\\w+).*>(.{23}) ([^\\[]+)\\[([^\\]]+)]: (.+)")
String s = "xxxxxx";   //this is what I want
Matcher matcher =  pattern.matcher(s);
System.out.println(matcher.find());   // I hope "true" 

Maybe it's not suited to ask for help here. But I am not expert in regular expression and I need to know the result quickly.

I reduced the complexity and tried some schemes .

  • abbb>(ccccccccccccccccccccddddddddddcc) is OK to (\\w+).*>(.{23})
  • (\\a) is OK to ([^\\[]+)

but if I combine them.

abbb>(ccccccccccccccccccccddddddddddcc) (\\a) is not OK to (\\w+).*>(.{23}) ([^\\[]+)

So I am confused, especially the ([^\\[]+)\\[([^\\]]+)]: (.+) part. Thanks .

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Could you please explain what do you want to achieve using regular expression? Your examples are interesting but do not help to understand what do you need. –  AlexR Nov 15 '12 at 8:04
Also, please mention where you want to use the regex. There are many different regex dialects, so the meaning of a regex differs depending on which software you use it with.# –  sleske Nov 15 '12 at 8:08
For Java, I recommend you to use this online tester: regexplanet.com/advanced/java/index.html –  JLledo Nov 15 '12 at 8:11
sorry,just now I didn't make the problem clear. –  liam xu Nov 15 '12 at 8:11
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Your question is very unclear, but if you needed strings to match your regular expression, I made some for you:

matches:true, string:word-0>kiOgNnuGfalhTfkqxtsCyhN f[RxQrH]: tqtmY
matches:true, string:word-1>wlnJomNExhCLHjrmsyLsKhh g[fXSsPYD]: BbzUM
matches:true, string:word-2>pdTepooJdeDgnODUAJMMPtB Pf[d]: aqmYx
matches:true, string:word-3>jMNDTuvCBufSEAxuzPDmyFG xt[T[RJjQEpJ]: bdlLS
matches:true, string:word-4>kHwqbjwNrSqhGeutzxtqiEy f[SmjJVt]: dWwlU
matches:true, string:word-5>UreUxUwpIyHqPXqVlALIlmr vuJScq[QFIpLCplW]: UuL0K
matches:true, string:word-6>dojPDeXqAfsHvGjOfvyZOtR aq[ImRqDn]: eyqlr
matches:true, string:word-7>ViljtcHRPzMjktFzqwDcprB le[U]: yfohG
matches:true, string:word-8>sjtQoCTupFbYqzhxcnrPbMh hhR[gufba]: DmREu
matches:true, string:word-9>ZauFhTHuvuXcqlymybjYHzj yv[FAaupu]: ZtrqL

all of them match "(\\w+).*>(.{23}) ([^\\[]+)\\[([^\\]]+)]: (.+)" and that list was generated by some code i wrote up real quick:

// generate some strings....
for (String string : full) {
    Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(\\w+).*>(.{23}) ([^\\[]+)\\[([^\\]]+)]: (.+)");
    Matcher matcher =  pattern.matcher(string);
    System.out.println("matches:" + matcher.find() + ", string:" + string);
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How did you get full list? –  liam xu Nov 16 '12 at 1:58
it was composed by some of my own code, I used some random character generators and code.google.com/p/xeger, I split the expression up into 5 parts and generated each one individually to concatenate them together. I did not post the code because of external dependencies. –  epoch Nov 16 '12 at 6:17
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([^\[]+) is what ever exept '[' one or more times
\[([^\]]+)]: (\.+) '[' what ever except ']' one or more times ']' : a space and
one ore more dots

an example that matches this is 'oo[pp]: ...'

The parenthesis represents groups.

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but oo[pp]... ** cannot work with **([^\[]+)\[([^\]]+)]: (.+) according to my test –  liam xu Nov 15 '12 at 8:27
If you did not figured out yet.. go here myregexp.com . For regex write [^[]+[[^]]+]: .+ this is your regex without grouping, and down write 'oo[pp]: ...' you will see that it matches –  Paner Nov 15 '12 at 8:57
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