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I am trying to develop a windows batch program where if error like The system cannot find the drive specified. or The system cannot find the path specified. comes, then "fld_chk.out" file can be checked and looping can happen.

But cd A:\rr\Br>fld_chk.out is not capturing these errors.

how to do capture there standard errors?

My code is like this:-

cd A:\rr\Br>fld_chk.out
cd B:\yy\dd>>fld_chk.out
find /c "The system cannot find" *.out>fld_count_check_1.out
find /c "0" fld_count_check_1.out>fld_count_check_2.out
FOR /F "TOKENS=1* DELIMS=:" %%B IN (fld_count_check_2.out) DO SET b=%%C
set _count=%b%
IF %_count% EQU 2 goto Success
IF not %_count% EQU 2 goto notSuccess
echo folder found
echo folder not found

Thanks in advance Sree

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The way to do that is by checking %ERRORLEVEL% value after cd command was executed:

cd A:\rr\Br 2> NUL
if %errorlevel% equ 0 (
   echo folder found
) else (
   echo folder not found

If the value is 0, CD was correctly executed and current directory be changed; otherwise (errorlevel==1) the drive or directory does not exist.

The 2> NUL part is to avoid that the error message appear in the screen.

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thank you...I didn't think of that...simple and very effective solution.... – Sree Nov 15 '12 at 13:40

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