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I have written this code in Dart

window.navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition((Geoposition position) {

When I run it in Dantium or Google Chrome it works fine, but if I try running this in Firefox, I get this JavaScript error

Timestamp: 15/11/12 21:36:19
Error: TypeError: getCurrentPosition$1 is not a function

This is wierd as if I just wrote this using html5 JavaScript

if (navigator.geolocation)

function showPosition(position)
    var latlon=position.coords.latitude+","+position.coords.longitude;

It works perfectly fine in Firefox.

The Firefox version is 16.0.2, Dart Editor version is 0.2.3_r14669 and Dart SDK version is

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


It was a bug http://code.google.com/p/dart/issues/detail?id=6733&q=getCurrentPosition&colspec=ID%20Type%20Status%20Priority%20Area%20Milestone%20Owner%20Summary, but it is marked as fixed now, by @Pete Blois shown below.

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Issue has been fixed, as well as an issue causing it to not work on IE10.

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Any source to back it up? –  Sam Rad Nov 20 '12 at 19:33
Where cat I grab the fixed source? Currently I'm on and the bug is still here :( –  Equidamoid Dec 30 '13 at 12:40
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Please file a bug, and we'll get it taken care of. Thanks!


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Done, thanks. Bug posted –  James Hurford Nov 15 '12 at 10:36
Thanks for taking care of that ;) –  Shannon -jj Behrens Nov 15 '12 at 17:27
Anytime, hopefully it gets fixed soon :-) –  James Hurford Nov 16 '12 at 1:12
@JamesHurford could you link to the bug? –  Kai Sellgren Nov 17 '12 at 12:28
I think this is it: code.google.com/p/dart/issues/… –  Shannon -jj Behrens Nov 18 '12 at 0:38
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