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I'm making an application in Embarcadero Delphi XE2.

I'm using a PrinterSetupDialog to select a printer name into TEdit like:

if PrinterSetupDialog1.Execute() then begin

txtPrinterName.Text := Printer.Printers[Printer.PrinterIndex];
ConfigINI.modified := true;


The problem I have is that this PrinterSetupDialog when executed, always selects the same printer at start. I can switch to another ok and the TEdit gets filled ok.

What I want to do is:

Before executing the PrinterSetupdialog

have it set dialog's selected printer to the one in the TEdit for example:

PrinterSetupDialog.PrinterSelectedAtExecute := txtPrinterName.Text;

Help appreciated. Thanks.

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You can set the initial selected printer of the printer setup dialog using the Printer function.

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Thank you! it worked! :) –  Prozi Nov 16 '12 at 10:10

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