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I have a webpart in a certain website that must load (once opened) a login page (which is on a different domain then the website) inside fancybox iframe, then when signing in for the first time it should show inside that iframe (fancybox) a message to grant access with YES/NO options. So i want that once i click on any of the buttons of YES/NO to close the fancybox iframe. I tried to access the parent page but of course it didn't allow me because of domain name issues. All i want is to be able to close the fancybox popup (iframe). Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I fixed it and hope that the solution will help you if you had a similar situation. I solved it using "postMessage", here's the solution:

1- in my webpart: I put the following javascript:

window.addEventListener('message', function (event) {
        if ( == 'close') {                
    }, false);

2- in my website:

parent.postMessage("close", "*");

I hope it clarify things. :)

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Thanks! This fixed my problem too! –  ckng Dec 5 '13 at 8:44

If you have access to the code within the iFrame and its parent you could use window.postMessage(...)

I believe IE8+ and any other current browser will support this.


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