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si have the following script:

function getInputString() {
//dropdown value
$('#dropdown').bind('change', function(event) {
    var dValues = $('#dropdown:selected').val();

   //the standard form should hide if nothing is choosen
   if("" != dValues) { 
   }else {
   //if first 2 letters are not MZ cValue changes, else it is the selected one 
   if (dValues.substr(0, 2) != "MZ") {
       var cValues = "simson " + dValues;
   }else {
       var cValues = dValues;
return cValues ;

function getSearchString() {        
//searchform value
$('#merkmalsuche').keyup(function () {
   var sValues = $(this).val();
return sValues;

function generateURL() {
   var mString = getSearchString();
   var vString = getInputString();
   window.location = "" + vString + " " + mString;

$('#merkmalsuche').submit(function() { generateURL(); });

There is a generated select with options, setting the first var. On change, the normal search form should hide and a mirror search form is displayed. On keyup, the entered word is the second var.

If you click on submit you now should get linked to a generated URL. But if change a value in the select field, nothing happens.

Thank you

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Nothing happens because calling the two functions

var mString = getSearchString();
   var vString = getInputString();

is just going to assing the handlers ..

Also you will have error on the page as cValues is not defined outside the function scope.. It will be local to the event handler ..

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Check the scope of your var, you define your var inside a function and can't be reach outside...

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Try changing var dValues = $('#dropdown:selected').val(); to var dValues = $('#dropdown option[selected=selected]').val(); or just

var dValues = $('#dropdown').val();
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