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I've to insert few rows data from Table ABC to Table ABC itself with different composite primary key.

insert into ABC (ID, Product, Desc) select '3',Product, Desc from ABC where ID = '1';

The above dynamic insert query works fine in DB client tool, but not working with jdbc. I've tried with PreparedStatement methods like executeUpdate(sql),execute(sql) and other realvant methods. But I'm getting exception when I run below java jdbc code

String sql = "insert into ABC (ID, Product, Desc) select "+id+",Product, Desc from ABC where ID = '"+oldId+"';" ;

 // to get ps connection
 PreparedStatement ps = dbCon.getConnection().prepareStatement(sql);
 boolean inserted = ps.execute(sql);
catch(SQLException se){

Alternatively I can read each row and insert each row through Jdbc, but its time consuming. Pl, suggest optimal solution for this scenerio.

See the table below


| ID |Product |Desc |


| 1 |TV |LCD |

| 1 |DV |DIV |

| 2 |mO |NOK |

| 2 |GR |USB |

| 2 |EA |BLT |

| 3 |TV |LCD |

| 3 |DVD |DIV |



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What is the exception, plus the full stacktrace. Also: Use PreparedStatement the way it should be used: with ? for the parameters and setting those, instead of concatenating the values in the query string. –  Mark Rotteveel Nov 15 '12 at 10:08

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With this you get the id of the last inserted value

Statement stmt = db.createStatement();
lastId = stmt.executeUpdate(query, Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS);
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