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I use pseudo random number generators (PRNG) to Monte Carlo simulate a queueing type of system. I use System.Random, because it is fast, but found out that it has some weird correlation between subsequent draws, which interferes with the results (it is not random enough).

Now I am using Mersenne Twister (http://takel.jp/mt/MersenneTwister.cs), which (up until now) has proven to be random enough for my purposes. It is 50% slower, but that is a price I am willing to pay to get reliable results.

What PRNG for .net is most suitable for Monte Carlo simulation? I am looking for a reliable PRNG that is not too slow.

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The Mersenne Twister has been optimized for use with Monte Carlo simulations in a number of fields, so i would stick to that one.

If performance is an issue and going parralell is not an option i would go for an XORshift generator. A very good (fast) random number generator from Geroge Marsaglia.

Here's the paper:

That is probably your best bet if you need a good and fast PRNG for some monte carlo or other statistical simulations, not for cryptography though.

At this SO post you can find a very simple port in JAVA, but should be not that hard to rewrite or find a C# implementation on the net.

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Thanks for your input; I will stick to Mersenne then. –  willem Nov 27 '12 at 8:50
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