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The title is very awkward, but this is what I want to do.

Say I have 4 images. Each image has two file sizes (770 x 350 && 370 X 110) - kinda similar to this.

What I want to do is to cycle through a collection of @products (each product has one image with multiple sizes) such that the 770 image is different on every page load.

i.e. I want to give all the products 1/4th opportunity to appear in the 770 slot of my view - without me manually changing it (by say giving one product a special 'featured' flag).

So I have a collection of 4 products, each has 2 images of 2 different sizes. I want the layout of the images on the page to change for every page reload - not like a carousel.

Assume that the two image_tag statements I want to use are these:

<%= image_tag product.image_url(:main_banner).to_s %>

<%= image_tag product.image_url(:banner_thumb).to_s %>

Where product is an instance of an iterator cycling through the collection @products.

I would love to do it as DRY as possible - I tried doing it with 1 partial, but that is getting messy and not working like I hoped it would.

Let me know if I should add any clarification.

For what it's worth, this is what I am trying:


<%= render :partial => 'home/featured', :collection => @products, :as => :product %>            


<div class="span8 featured">
  <%= image_tag product.image_url(:main_banner).to_s %>
<div class="span4" >
  <div class="side-img"><%= image_tag product.image_url(:banner_thumb).to_s %></div>
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ActiveRecord results is an array, so you can use array methods such as sample or shuffle.

You can pass locals to a partial, such as a randomly selected product from your products collection:

<%= render [...] locals => { :featured_product => @products.sample } %>    


<div class="span8 featured">
  <%= image_tag featured_product.image_url(:main_banner).to_s %>

Or you can cycle through the collection randomly:

<%= render [...] :collection => @products.shuffle [...] %>
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This is perfect. Thank you very much! I actually went with the sample & featured_product version. Even though both are similarly elegant. – marcamillion Nov 15 '12 at 10:52
Glad to help :) – Damien Roche Nov 15 '12 at 10:54

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