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I am trying to create a code that automatically select one of the checkbox among five check boxes. What should I do for it? Is it possible to do so in Selenium IDE. If yes, please share code with me. Is there need to change/ edit in user extensions.js . If I want to create a function in user extensions for handling all check boxes is it possible? Kindly share with me both IDE and user extensions.js code for dealing such condition.

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You can select check box if different ways like mentioned below

1.click  name=abc
2.click  xpath=(//input[@name='vehicle'])
3.click  //input[@type='checkbox']

I hope you are looking for same.

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Yes. You can select the check box through Selenium ide

command: check
target:  id , name or Xpath of the check box (or whatever you have)
value : 

Second solution, you can used click command

command: Click
target:  id or Xpath of the check box (or whatever you have)
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How to check a checkbox in Selenium IDE:

Force it to ALWAYS be on:

command: check
target: <locator>, id=my_checkbox, name=the_checkbox (or whatever you have)

Force it to always be off:

command: uncheck
target: <locator>, id=my_checkbox, name=the_checkbox (or whatever you have)

That's it.

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I can only check at a specific checkbox using "clickAt" command and its Xpath.

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