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I need to develop enterprise application for ios devices, which is mainy for remote controlling the device i mean to say like teamviewer(but is from mac to iphone) right now its possible to control the mac from ios device, but revese is not possible so please any one help me on this how to achecive this(please sugeest any private apis as this application will not go for app store).


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What I would do is creating an app in background with some webservices listening for msgs.

Then, every time I send a msg (for ex: http:// myIPhoneAddress/openWebBrowser) I would receive that msg in my app and I would do the action, using for example, schemas:

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i didn't get anything from this please could you elaborate with respect my question,, it should be likr veency application – Pavan Nov 16 '12 at 11:07

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