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I’m trying to append two BooleanExpression. One is a regulate BooleanExpression, the other is created out of a Path. I think my usage of the Path is wrong. My code:

public static Path<?> getPathByColumnName(String columnName) {
    Path<?> retval = null;      

    QProfile p = QProfile.profile;

    if (columnName.equals("name")) {
        retval =;
    } else if (columnName.equals("account")) {
        retval =;    
    } else if (columnName.equals("isPublic")) {
        retval = p.isPublic;
    } else if (columnName.equals("datavendors")) {
        retval = p.dataVendors.any().name;

    return retval;

The Path is then sent to the following method

public static BooleanExpression getFilterPredicateByFilterAndPath(Path path, FilerType type, String filter) { BooleanExpression retval = null;

    if (path instanceof StringPath) {
        if (FilerType.CONTAIN.equals(type)) {
            retval = ((StringPath)path).like(filter);
    } else if (path instanceof BooleanPath) {
        if (FilerType.EQUAL.equals(type)) {
            retval = ((BooleanPath)path).eq(Boolean.valueOf(filter));

    return retval;

Then I’m trying to abbend the recived BooleanExpression to the regulare one. This does not work. Any Ideas will be welcomed.

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How does it not work? Do you get an Exception? Also how do you try to combine them? – Timo Westkämper Nov 16 '12 at 7:58
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My bad. The usage of Path was correct the error was in a different part of the code.

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