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This is a bit confusing but will try best to explain it. please ask if you need more details.

First i have a class called TPlayers Like so..

TPlayers = class
      p : array[1..20] of TStringList;
      function GetPlayer(i:integer): TStringList;

      Property player[i : integer] : TStringList read GetPlayer;

           constructor Create;   virtual;

       constructor TPlayers.Create;
         p[1] := TStringList.Create;
         p[2] := TStringList.Create;
         p[3] := TStringList.Create;
         p[4] := TStringList.Create;
         p[5] := TStringList.Create;
         p[6] := TStringList.Create;

     function TPlayers.GetPlayer(i: integer): TStringList;
      Result := p[i];

I now have FTherePlayers := TPlayers.Create to create the class. First time i add to the stringlist like so


or with variables taken out


This seems to be fine, but next i try to update it like so

FTherePlayers.Player[strtoint(ID)].Values['posx='] := xpos;

or with variables taken out

FTherePlayers.Player[1].Values['posx='] := 12; 

but then i check that value after changing it and it still says 15, thus when i do


it returns 15 but it should be 12. Any idea why its not changeing? thanks Glen

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You have a typo in FTherePlayers.Player[strtoint(ID)].Values['posx='] := xpos;, it should be FTherePlayers.Player[strtoint(ID)].Values['posx'] := xpos; instead. But it's not a good idea to expose those string lists, rather create method for adding, like TPlayers.AddPlayer and indexed property e.g. TPlayers.PlayerPosition[x], which will access the Values of the internal string list. –  TLama Nov 15 '12 at 10:02
arg, how did i not see that. also thanks, i all ready have an addplayer but i figured the FTherePlayers.Player[x] was only accessed by the private get player and .p[x] thus ok, but adding a player position which will access the values would not be hard to do , just did not see the point..but again i am still kind of new to delphi and its common constructor –  Glen Morse Nov 15 '12 at 10:16
If you use above delphi2010 then look add the Generics.Collections. TList, TObjectList, TDictionary and TObjectDictionary –  Ravaut123 Nov 15 '12 at 11:48
the typo was the answer if you want to make it an answer ill accept it. thanks –  Glen Morse Nov 15 '12 at 12:13

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You have an extra equals sign at the end of the Name index value of the Values property. You need to use only the name portion of a name value pair without the equals sign. So, in your code just replace the following lines:

// here is an extra equals sign in 'posx=' index value
FTherePlayers.Player[1].Values['posx='] := 12;
FTherePlayers.Player[strtoint(ID)].Values['posx='] := xpos;

with this:

FTherePlayers.Player[1].Values['posx'] := 12; 
FTherePlayers.Player[strtoint(ID)].Values['posx'] := xpos;
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