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I've got a function, trying to get a specific value from settings collection in MongoDB. The marker for settings object, containing settings values, in settings collection is {'settings':'settings'}. The schema is:


The problem is when I first time query settings object, the collection 'settings' simply does not exists. So,

exports.getInstruments = function (callback) {
db.collection("settings", function(error, settings) {
    settings.find({ "settings" : "settings" }), (function(err, doc) {

just hangs and callback is not invoked. If collection does not exist, I should return "" or undefined, else - doc.instrumens.

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You shouldn't need to specially handle the new collection case, I think the problem is with your code.

Aside from some syntax problems, the main problem is that find passes a Cursor to your callback function, not the first matching document. If you're expecting just one doc, you should use findOne instead.

This should work:

exports.getInstruments = function (callback) {
    db.collection("settings", function(error, settings) {
        settings.findOne({ "settings" : "settings" }, function(err, doc) {
            callback(doc && doc.instruments);
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There's an exists() function that you could use to determine whether or not to execute the code that hangs.

> db.getCollection('hello').exists()
> db.getCollection('world').exists()
{ "name" : "testdb.world" }
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You could potentially take advantage of db.createCollection which explicitly creates a collection:

> db.createCollection("asd")
{ "ok" : 1 }
> db.createCollection("asd")
{ "errmsg" : "collection already exists", "ok" : 0 }

Just check if the command succeeded based on the ok field.

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