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I need some serious help getting this to run. I think I am messing up the loops with the inputFile.. The program compiles and the .txt file is in the proper directory. The txt is a test file that replaces user input. The file contains three numbers on three separate lines: 1, 115, and 10. Here is my code:

namespace std;
void PaintJobEstimator(double gallonprice, double wallspace)
    double numBucket;
    double hours;
    double bucketCost;
    double laborCharges;
    double totalCost;
    //calculates number of buckets of paint (gallons) needed
    //calculates paint cost
    //calculates labor hour
    //calculates labor charges
    //calculates total cost
    //Console output
        cout << "The number of Gallons of paint required:\t" << numBucket << endl;
        cout << "The hours of labor required:\t" << hours << " hrs" << endl;
        cout << "The labor charges:\t$" << laborCharges << endl;
        cout << "The cost of the paint:\t$" << bucketCost << endl;
        cout << "The total cost of the paint job:\t$" << totalCost << endl;



int main ()
    int rooms=0; //number of rooms
    double wallspace=0; //wall space measured in square meters
    double gallonprice=0; //Price per gallon
    cout << "=========================================================\n";
    cout << "___________________Paint Job Estimator___________________\n";
    cout << "_________________________________________________________\n";
    //by Jeff Youngblood
    cout << endl;
    ifstream inputFile;
    //open the file
    if (inputFile.is_open())
        if (rooms>=1) //validates rooms
            inputFile >> rooms;
        for (int roomNum=1;roomNum<=rooms;roomNum++)
            if (wallspace>1)//validates and inputs wallspace
                inputFile >> wallspace;
        //end loop
        while (gallonprice>10) //validates price per gallon
            inputFile >> gallonprice;
        system ("pause");
        cout <<"Error reading file '17.txt', please check your directory.\n";
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Last I checked, 1/115 and 8/115 were both 0... – lc. Nov 15 '12 at 10:02
try casting to double: double(1)/double(115) and double(8)/double(115) – 888 Nov 15 '12 at 10:06
@mcdg: in fact, just reording the multiplication to wallspace*1/115 will work as the elevation to double happens for wallspace*1 and then the division is a double division. wallspace/115 would still be a better choice.... – Phil H Nov 15 '12 at 10:23
@PhilH I agree with you. Your solution is better! – 888 Nov 15 '12 at 11:31

This sequence

    double wallspace = 0;
    if (wallspace>1) //validates and inputs wallspace
        inputFile >> wallspace;

doesn't work, as the condition in the if-statement is always false. When you get there, the wallspace has the value zero so you never try to input the new value.

Similar for gallonprice, you never input a value because the initial condition is false so the loop is never entered.

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All your file reads are conditional, expecting values greater than zero, but since you init rooms, wallspace, and gallonprice with zero, the file is never read. PaintJobEstimator is hence called with 0,0. Try removing the conditions and work your way from there.

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