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I'm looking for a way to find out the text content between two bookmarks placed on the MSWord page header.

Suppose two bookmarks are BKM_1 and BKM_2. also the text between two booksmarks is "Test".

Local loWordApplication, loDoc, loRange
loWordApplication = CREATEOBJECT("Word.Application")
loDoc = loWordApplication.Documents.Open("C:\Example.doc")
IF loDoc.BookMarks.EXISTS("BKM_1") AND loDoc.BookMarks.EXISTS("BKM_2") 
   loRange = loDoc.RANGE(loDoc.BookMarks("BKM_1").START, loDoc.BookMarks("BKM_2").START) 
   ?loRange.TEXT && Printing the value here and expecting the result as "Test"

But eventhgough the bookmarks exist, above doesn't produce the result that I'm looking for. Please help!

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What result do you get? – Tamar E. Granor Nov 15 '12 at 21:24
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Headers, footers are a different type of story < g > - no pun intended:

#Define wdCharacter 1
Local loWordApplication, loDoc, loRange
loWordApplication = Createobject("Word.Application")
loDoc = loWordApplication.Documents.Open("C:\Example.doc")
If loDoc.BookMarks.Exists("BKM_1") And loDoc.BookMarks.Exists("BKM_2") And ;
        loDoc.BookMarks("BKM_1").StoryType = loDoc.BookMarks("BKM_2").StoryType
    Local lnCharacters
    lnCharacters = loDoc.BookMarks("BKM_2").Start-loDoc.BookMarks("BKM_1").Start
    If loDoc.BookMarks("BKM_1").StoryType != 1

    loDoc.Application.Selection.Moveend(wdCharacter, m.lnCharacters)

    loRange = loWordApplication.Selection

    ?loRange.Text && Printing the value here and expecting the result as "Test"
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Thank you, Cetin! – ecasper Nov 5 '13 at 6:54

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