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In eigen c++, how do you map a vectorXf to a matrixXf (of appropriate dimensions)

(there is good docs on how to do it for external objects so i know we can do:

MatrixXf x_cen=Map<MatrixXf>(*x,*n,*p);

but what if xis a VectorXf?

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You can use the .data() member function followed by Map:

VectorXf vec(rows*cols);
vec = ...;
Map<MatrixXf> vec_view_as_a_matrix(, rows, cols);

Then you can use vec_view_as_a_matrix just like any Eigen objects, modifications to vec_view_as_a_matrix will be reported to vec as well since they are sharing the memory. If you want to copy to a new MatrixXf object, then use the construction you wrote:

MatrixXf x_cen = Map<MatrixXf>(, rows, cols);
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Awesome! thanks :) –  user189035 Nov 15 '12 at 11:06

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