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I know is possible to do:

var p = new Product(myObject);

And the p has the properties of myObject, but if I've already done:

var p = new Product();

How I might put all the data from myObject into p?

I've tried, but I know it's bad as is a protected/private method, but didn't worked too:

p._doc = p._buildDoc(myObject);

I've done and it works, but is still using protected/private property:

p._doc = modelInstance._doc;

Why? I need to make a copy from a document to another, but both are on a different connection. I can't use the first approach because of the way it works, it would be a lot less flexible.


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Use the extend method of the underscore library (or the same technique that method uses internally) to apply the properties of myObject to p:

_.extend(p, myObject);
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