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Im documenting a ManagedObject class generated from the model outside the file where it is declared. Since this classe is autogenerated i dont want to modify the source code, then i have the documentation outside the .m file.

I have this atm:

    \file AA.h 
    \class AA
    \extends ManagedObject
    Data model object generated from the model.

    \property NSString * hardwareId
    \brief Unique identifier of the device

Im obtaining an output file that has the AA class, it shows the inheritance, but nothing about the property or the public tags is being shown.

Don´t know what i am doing wrong.

Any ideas? thanks a lot

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I found the answer. The problem is that i need to add a "namespace" with the name of the class to the begining of each property name.

So, my final file its like:


    \class AA
    This file contains the documentation of the data model object generated from the model.  

    \var NSString * AA::hardwareId
    \brief Unique identifier of the device

I had no need to specify the file and the inheritance since doxygen automatically took it from the .h file without adding anything

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