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I have been looking for over an hour on Internet and I can't find anything about this.

I am creating filters for data of a website and currently these are handled by a case statement

  class MyClass
    attr_accessor :attribute
    def self.function(value)
      query = case value
        when "open" then "Open"
      where(:attribute => query)

Because of various reasons (i.e. dynamic instead of hard coding the filters) I want to create a model out of this with a getter and setter, but I can't get this to work

My new function:

def self.function(value)
  Attribute.name = value
  where(:attribute => Attribute.name)

My new model:

class Attribute
  attr_accessor :name

And the test:

it "should set the attribute to 'hello'" do
    Attribute.name.should eql "hello"

gives an error:

Failure/Error: Myclass.function("hallo")
   undefined method `name=' for Attribute:Class

Any help would be appreciated

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This is because the attr_accessor is defining instance method (ie: method that works on an instance of Attribute) and you try to use it as class method (ie: Attribute.name).

You may rewrite your function this way :

def self.function(value)
  attribute = Attribute.new
  attribute.name = value
  where(:attribute => attribute.name)
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It fixed the error but now returns Attribute. time to solve the issue. –  Michael Nov 15 '12 at 11:45
Thank you for your help! –  Michael Nov 15 '12 at 11:45

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