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How to share objects across processes in .Net?

I can do this for a single process (single .exe) but how can I do it between processes?

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You can do this via remoting. You class needs to inherit from MarshalByRefObject, which will give your clients a proxy to the real object.

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You'd need to use some sort of distributed hash table or caching mechanism.

Try to avoid things like remoting if you can, because calls to a remote object can get expensive and start to really hurt performance. If you do go with .net remoting, then carefully consider the interface of the remote object. You should be passing coarse grained data across the process boundry, so avoid chatty interfaces with lots of calls with little bits of data.

What are the requirements of the class that you want to act as a singleton? There might be a totally different way of looking at it. Currently the thinking is that singletons are undesirable because they are difficult to unit test reliably, so avoiding the singleton concept could be the direction to take.

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using .Net remoting (see answers above or by this url: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/kwdt6w2k%28VS.71%29.aspx)

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