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I have a database column "WantsReply" that logically holds a boolean (bit) but is unfortunately implemented as an integer. Any nonzero value means "yes" and zero means "no".

If I write

class Entry {
   [Column] public int WantsReply {get; set;}

in my model, and map it to a checkbox in the view using

Html.CheckBox( "WantsReply", View.Model.WantsReply )

then I get a conversion error when I submit the view. On the other hand if I write

[Column] public bool WantsReply {get; set;}

then the view submit works OK but then I get a different conversion error when I run a query like

from entry in Entries select entry;

How can I resolve this impedance mismatch so that both queries and submits work?

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Instead of changing the type of the column property, why not map it to a new property?

public partial class Entry {
    public bool WantsReplyAsBool
            return WantsReply != 0;
            if (value)
                WantsReply = 1;
                WantsReply = 0;

The integer property can be private, if you like. Use the bool property in your view.

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