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I'm trying to create a regex which will match anything which looks like a phone number. If there's more than one number in a string, match both of them. A phone number is defined as:

  • 10+ characters
  • Does not end in N, but can end in other letters/words

So I'd like to match these:

  • 07158245215
  • 01244356356
  • 07158245215Y
  • 01244356356Y
  • 07158245215P
  • 01244356356P
  • 07158245215X
  • 01244356356X
  • 07158245215 work
  • 01244 356356 work
  • work 07158 245215 / home 07158 245215 // might be a difficult one
  • work 01244356356

And disallow these:

  • 071582 45215N
  • 01244356356N
  • 01244356356 N

I've toyed with negative lookahead/lookbehind but I can't get anything intelligible out. Is tis even possible or shall I do it in a higher language like .NET?

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Do you mean "match an entire string that contains at least one phone number" or "extract phone number(s) from a longer string"? – Tim Pietzcker Nov 15 '12 at 11:24
Ideally it would extract numbers from a string. – Echilon Nov 15 '12 at 11:26
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will match a 10+ digit phone number within a longer string, as long as that number is not followed by N. It allows any number of spaces between each digit.

If all your phone numbers always start with 0 as in your example, you can explicitly code that into the regex:


See it on RegExr.

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Wonderful, thanks. – Echilon Nov 15 '12 at 11:37

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