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is it possible to call a model function directly from a view in Cakephp 2? I know I could call it from controller and set the value to the view, but if I could call it in the view it would be better...


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No, it goes against the whole point of the framework and core MVC principles.

Just don't do it.

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Ok, but if I call it from controller and set the var to the view, it is right, or? –  user1686123 Nov 15 '12 at 11:59
Yeah. That would be right. If you really need some model functionality in a view, you can get yourself a helper to just implement those methods from the model. Helpers are, in my opinion, not really part of the views as more something outside of the whole pattern. This is not very good implented in cake. Maybe I am completly wrong with doing such things, but I don't see a sense in implementing a logic at least two times. –  func0der Nov 15 '12 at 21:29
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Just to extend @DavidYell's answer a bit. Calling a Model directly from a View really is against "whole point of the framework and core MVC principles" but if you need dynamic data in the views just fetch the data with an AJAX call to the Controller. The "pattern" is as follows:

  1. Initialize a AJAX request to the Controller (lets say to the fetchData() method.)
  2. In that method handle the request:
    • Validate
    • Set layout to "ajax" (you will have to create it)
  3. Get the data you need from the Model with a call from the Controller:


  4. Return the data you just fetched to the view by rendering (for example) an JSON response

Now the data will be available in the View and you'd have kept with the "good practice". Actually exposing any Model in a view is very very bad. Don't do it please, or switch to .NET.. :D

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Can using in View same in Controller:

    App::import('Model', 'Department');
    $this->Department = new Department();
    $users = $this->Department->getUserOfDepartment($id);
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