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I inherited MOSS code which implements a custom profile provider. The setup seems to be okay (provider & web.config).

A user can login, however, after logging in, the HttpContext.Current.Profile object is null. Why is it null? How/When is is supposed to get a value?

HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name has a value after loggin in.

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what u want to do, and where code is executed? – Sebastian 506563 Feb 25 '13 at 10:49

Mike Feng says:

Through Profile provider you have to load the Profile information from SQL server profile table .

Pass the UserName parameter in GetProfile function of WebProfile class . This class is generated by a tool .

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Try ProfileBase.Create(username, isAuthenticated)

public static System.Web.Profile.ProfileBase Create(string username, bool isAuthenticated)
    Member of System.Web.Profile.ProfileBase

Used by ASP.NET to create an instance of a profile for the specified user name. Takes a parameter indicating whether the user is authenticated or anonymous.

username: The name of the user to create a profile for.
isAuthenticated: true to indicate the user is authenticated; false to indicate the user is anonymous.

A System.Web.Profile.ProfileBase object that represents the profile for the specified user.
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