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here's the situation:

I bought a new Synology NAS. I accidentally inserted a disk, that was previously in a Western Digital MyBook world edition. The synology launched and it said " installing Synology Hybrid RAID volume ". Since then my data was gone.

So my disk was probably formatted from NTFS to etc3.

I already ran TestDisk, but did not do a lot.

Is there a very good recovery tool out there to recover my files?

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Not being programming related this kind of questions is offtopic on StackOverflow. superuser.com is probably more appropriate. That being said, have a look at Stellar's tools, they have served me well in the past. The freely downloadable version will give you and idea about the chances to recover data, to actually recover the data you need to buy the tool. –  fvu Nov 15 '12 at 11:48

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So I assume that the data lost was from your NTFS partition, if this is the case then no need to get worried. If the files on that partition is very much important, then it can be brought back with the help of a recovery program. The recovery software which I use is Yodot File Recovery, this NTFS recovery tool easily restores lost and deleted data in minutes. So if you have any query on, "How can I recover NTFS drive". Then this software might be your solution

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