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Currently we are using Ghostscript to convert CMYK-PDFs to RGB-Jpegs. Works (more or less) flawless. But during the last few weeks an increasing number of PDF-files with transparency creep up that will not be rendered correctly with our ghostscript.

So does anyone have an Idea on how to render these PDF-Files to either an image (format does not matter) or reduce the transparency so that the PDF-files comply to the PDF/X-1 standard. These files can then be rendered through our ghostscript.

A solution should be system-independent and either be accessible via an API or CLI.

The PDF-Files in question are PDF/X-4 standard PDFs containing transparency.

Ghostscript is version 9.06

Any Ideas?

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Did you file a bug report at Ghostscript's bug tracker ? –  Kurt Pfeifle Jan 21 '13 at 10:50

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idea #1: Please report the bugs! If we don't know about them we can't fix them.....

You can report bugs at http://bugs.ghostscript.com

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