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I've found this library https://github.com/TheLevelUp/ZXingObjC which is a port of ZXing to Objective-C and supports multiple barcode scanning. I need that for an App so I've tried to get it worked but it doesn't detect anything when I pass an image with multiple barcodes Here's the code I'm using

CGImageRef imageToDecode = self.imgn.image.CGImage;  // Given a CGImage in which we are looking for barcodes

    ZXLuminanceSource* source = [[[ZXCGImageLuminanceSource alloc] initWithCGImage:imageToDecode] autorelease];
    ZXBinaryBitmap* bitmap = [ZXBinaryBitmap binaryBitmapWithBinarizer:[ZXHybridBinarizer binarizerWithSource:source]];

    NSError* error = nil;

    ZXDecodeHints* hints = [ZXDecodeHints hints];

    ZXMultiFormatReader* reader = [ZXMultiFormatReader reader];
    ZXGenericMultipleBarcodeReader* multi = [[ZXGenericMultipleBarcodeReader alloc] initWithDelegate:reader];
   NSArray * result = [multi decodeMultiple:bitmap hints:hints error:&error];

This returns a nil array and error contains the "no barcodes found" error. When I use the MultiFormatReader with just one barcode it's OK, but when I add a picture with more than one of the same barcode, well recognized with MultiFormatReader it doesn't detect anything Can anyone give me a clue?

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Actually if there's any other free iOS barcode library which can read multiple barcodes from an image it would be great too –  Rodrigo Nov 20 '12 at 9:33
Did you find any library .? That can read multiple QR codes..one after the another ? –  Shailesh Feb 1 '13 at 7:33

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