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I have simple problem. I have Foo class and at contructor I starting timer. In timer callback I want alert class property, but I will get "undefined", why?

class Foo
  simpleProperty: "fooBar"

  constructor: ->
    setInterval @runBar, 1 * 1000

  runBar: ->
    alert @simpleProperty #undefined, why?

foo = new Foo()

Thank you for your help!

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Because of the scoping of this (or @ in case of CoffeeScript).

You should use a fat arrow:

runBar: =>
  alert @simpleProperty #fooBar

See it working here.

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Wow, very nice usage of fat arrow. This should be given as example on CoffeeScript's page. – Arnaud Rinquin Nov 15 '12 at 13:16

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