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In my nanoc site, I want to specify my styles using SCSS:

p {
  em {
    color: red;

... not SASS:

    color: red

But if I try using SCSS, I get a compile error from the SASS filter. How do I get it to use SCSS?

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This turned out to be quite simple:

filter :sass, syntax: :scss

Filters in nanoc seem to follow the pattern of taking any options they're given and passing them along to whatever object actually does the work. For instance, Nanoc::Filters::Sass does this in its run method:

def run(content, params={})
  options = params.dup
  # supply default options, etc...
  engine =, options)
  # ...

Sass::Engine, in turn, has :syntax as an available option.

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With Compass you can also whack all the options in a config.rb file: Compass.add_project_configuration('config.rb') then in the rules you instead just pass it the whole set: filter :sass, Compass.sass_engine_options – iono Dec 7 '12 at 20:26
Note: If you need this to work on Ruby 1.8.x, use the older hash syntax instead: :syntax => :scss (I hadn't noticed until yesterday that Ruby 1.9.2 introduced a new hash syntax) – Ed Brannin May 23 '13 at 14:31

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