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Does anybody know about AVS-format video decoder DS filter or Media Foundation transform?
I tried to search the web for it but couldn't find...

Thanks in advance.

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Never heard of this codec before. Sounds interesting. As the wiki page for this codec said, libavcodec and ffmpeg have a decoder for this included. Because these are the base for ffdshow and lavfilters, maybe there will be an implementation soon. The only current decoder for directshow I could find is this one: AVSShow. I don't know if this works, havn't tested it.

There also exists an Decoder SDK, but I couldn't read the chines to download it. With a little experience someone can implement a Decoder (filter/DMO/MFT) with this.

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Thank you. BTW, in the upper-left corner of the Chinese site you have the option to get the content in English. And I wasn't aware of AVSShow, thanks! –  rursw1 Nov 19 '12 at 8:47

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