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I want to get the path to a resource for ImageIO to read out a BufferedImage from some .png s. While developing the project I use a relative path to "/bin/stuff/icons/image.png" , but this will definetly not work when I put everything together into a .jar file, so I need a way to get the path to these resources both while testing in eclipse and when later running it within a .jar .

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Don't put anything under the bin directory in Eclipse: if you run a clean on the project it will be erased.

What you can do is to define a new source folder like resources, and put the image there. This way it will be automatically copied to the bin folder.

If you include the resources folder into the Jar, it will be available in both environments by using something like: getClass().getResource("/image.png") )

PS: You can evade using a different resources folder but mixing the sources and images will quickly pollute your source folder.

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After a lot of trying out both finding the file and getting the input stream to the file I came to the conclusion that this approach works every time:

InputStream in = ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(path)
BufferedImage image =

Where path is

"projectName/resourceFolder/" + nameOfResource.stuff

as found in the src directory of the eclipse project.



When getting only the resource and then getting the path of the resource to link to a file, you will get FileNotFoundExceptions when using a .jar (but not while testing with eclipse, so one should be warned to think that his code works).

And - no - I don't save images in the bin/ - but they are copied to this directory and thus I find them there while testing. Now everything seems to be working.

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