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I would like to plot an operating system log contains:

time-stamp   event 

Events can be tid or enter_irq#_handler or exit_irq#_handler and each has its own unique identifier.

Does any one have a recommendation for a c# or wxpython I can use to build my own tool?

I have 100K events and about 2k unique events list of tid, irq etc.

I found this and that, but they are not designed for 2k unique events identifier.

I thought that Gantt chart is the right solution:

enter image description here

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Provided your screen would be 2000 pixels high, what would a 2000 lines plot look like, you think? Either I don't understand, or your request doesn't make sense. Could you give an idea of what your plot should look like? – xtofl Nov 15 '12 at 12:47
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I would write some GNU gawk script feeding a GnuPlot script.

You certainly want to collapse (= group), or select a tiny subset of, some event kinds together (and you should know which ones). Showing 2000 loosely related curves to a user has no sense, even on a gigantic high-resolution screen set.

Because human brains and eyes cannot grasp thousands of different curves at once

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